gLENN eCHO​)​)​:​narrative

by Glenn Echo

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~~~~~~~~lyrics under each song~~~~~~~~~~


released July 10, 2016

Recorded, Engineered, and Mixed by Neonsoup
All instruments and vocals written and performed by Glenn Echo except
Track 4: lead guitar and backing vocals by Alex Layton
Track 5: words by e. e. cummings
Mastering by Jack Pombriant
Album Artwork by Rachel Ajamie

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all rights reserved


Glenn Echo Northampton, Massachusetts

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Track Name: bluejay
there's something in the way, my friend
a bluejay
and when you call me, i'll answer my friend
so far away
i'll be there tuesday

oh my bluejay
Track Name: what i should've said
as the forest freezes the pine boughs, a whisper creeps through the pillars of wood, hunting the thin air. Anxious glances on the heels of thieves, and the wordspit congeals weighing the tongue down, it falls ever so quiet, like a glenn echo.

flesh on my bones say
love you
i wish to know if
you do
love you
let me
love you
Track Name: If I love you, what is that to you?
and when you wake, your hair looks so good
it ruffled up, it looks perfect to me
your a wild woman, with me under your wing
sleeping peacefully, I just can't help but sing

and when you cry, your eyes look so good
they're sparkling green, they look pristine to me
lock eyes with mine, it's like I'm hypnotized
see through my soul,I'm just a traveling ghost

why waste your time on someone, like me
I'll hang right there upon the wall, like an old painting
so switch me out whenever you want, I don't mind
forget my name and then my face

and when you sing, I hold my breathe
can't help but gasp, and feel it cut through me
it seems you float, this angel don't need wings
but please don't stop, or I think that I might die
but I see the light
Track Name: until I'm numb (feat. Alex Layton)
there was a woman, that I loved, long ago
she left my heart on the side of the road
she held it lightly, and let it grow, until the day
that she left it on the side of the road
I took up drinking, on my own, until I'm numb
feel my worries climb back down
I've wavered far, away from you, and myself to
I don't know where is my home

whiskey, wine, are companions
and no one else
all I can do, is think about you

I got no money and no one, to help me out
and you can find me on the side of the road
Track Name: inspiteofeverything
in spite of everything
which breathes and moves, since Doom
(with white longest hands
neatening each crease)
will smooth entirely our minds

-before leaving my room
I turn, and(stooping
through the morning) kiss
this pillow, dear
where our heads lived and were.
Track Name: black calla lillies
woke up this morning, without any breathe
my body'd been sucked to the bone
I know, I know what had caused this death
my fever for you had been on

as I lay struggling to yell out
a thought been prescribed in my brain
I know, I know there's no reason to shout
I just lay there and welcome the pain

some say there's heaven and some say there's hell
but the latter is all that I've known
so please, help me, go rest and be well
think nothing about that I've gone

woke up this morning, without any breathe
my body'd been sucked to the bone
they all, don't know the secrets I've kept
hidden deep within my lonely soul
Track Name: sleeping trees, i am a worm
trees don't mind if they sleep all day, do they?
but me, I find it too easy to waste my precious little life

wriggling rebirth, fresh from the womb of Earth, stealing sun and air and life from bitter Father winter. like a chick's head cracking shell, the early buds gasp the first breath of thick, dank life. hope creeps in again; seeps in again, through the ears and nose. wet and wild, the forest has become, a murk where the echo falters, short of its rebound. spring's litany settles into the glen.

I feel just like I'm a worm, buried too deep
in my mind, and lately I can't find the roots of
sunshine above
or at least, what makes people smile anymore